Globe: (sports talkers) Following the Money Trail

Bob Nelson
Tue Jun 7 13:41:30 EDT 2005

Globe may require you register to read (free):

"These days, however, there's a migration back to radio, with two
stations -- WEEI and WWZN -- on the air, a third on the way (ESPN
Radio on 890 and 1400 AM), and speculation that an FM station in the
market may test the sports talk format.

"Well-known TV personalities such as John Dennis, Sean McDonough, Dale
Arnold, Bob Neumeier, and Michael Holley :all made the move to radio."

(me again): an FM station may test sports talk? Whom?

How many sports talk stations could Boston support, anyway? I could see having
WEEI with local and Fox content and maybe a station doing a blend of ESPN
and Sporting News Radio, maybe local shows as well (and indeed we're hearing
ESPN 890 and 1400 are hoping to do local content)

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