Boston Globe Article On WNNW Lawrence

Joseph Pappalardo
Sun Jun 5 18:31:06 EDT 2005

> As long as WNNW remains on 800, I think any power increase is a pipe

I worked at another of the now Costa-Eagle stations, 1110AM, a million years

It was a daytimer, and that was always a drawback, to listerners,
programming staff, salespeople, advertisers, and the city fathers.  (It was
hard to do no school snowstaorm announcements when the station signs on at

I can't count how many times I heard, "Well, we're working on going full
time!".  Or, We're going to be fulltime sometime soon!"

Guess what?  As of this day, almost 30 years after they signed on, it is
still a daytimer.  (Outside of when they forget to power down at the end of
the day.)  ;-)

I don't know if managers who spout these unrealistic dreams are clueless, or
just trying to put the best face on a inferior situation.

I always thought 800AM, the station Costa spoke about, had a pretty good

Their night signal covers Lawrence area pretty well, especially in the
downtown area, where the bulk (if not all) of the hispanics live.

They're hoping for a signal that covers to PLYMOUTH?

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