Network newscasts on Boston radio

Joseph Pappalardo
Fri Jun 3 14:34:34 EDT 2005

> >> I've never quite understood why the Infinity stations that are CBS
> >> affiliates (such as 'BZ and WTIC) aren't required to carry the hourly
> >> network newscasts.  They're "CBS-owned," after all.  Can someone

Unlike the old heavy handed days of group ownership where edicts come down
from above....I think todays management of the larger groups is quite

>From what I hear, in the CBS/Infinity family, stations are allowed to
implement the plan that works for them, in their market for their station.

In Boston, I'm sure WBZ wants to lead at :00 and :30 with the stories in the
order of importance for their audience, regardless of whether they are
national or local stories.

If the Story is about finding Whitey Bulger, or a new tunnel leak....then
I'm sure WBZ doesn't want their audience to wait 5 (6 for CBS) minutes
before they can air what is the top story for their audience.

Secondly, why wait 2-2-1/2 minutes thru the network talking about wildfires
in the midwest, when Gillette is being sold that afternoon.

Network newscasts are good for stations that need them...but they are
inefficient for stations that are in a competitive marketplace.

If WBZ started running CBS news on the hour....I'm sure the PD of WRKO would
re-invent his stations news department to have a much more compelling and
credible live/local news at the top of each hour....about Romney, Billy
Bulger, Whiteny, Tunnel leaks, CArdinal Law, Church Crisis, Doggie epidemic,
crematorium news, auto insurance, etc, etc. every hour on the hour.


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