Network newscasts on Boston radio

Bob Nelson
Thu Jun 2 11:22:36 EDT 2005

OK let's see: WRKO is affiliated with both ABC and FoxNews, I believe; WBZ has
CBS and ABC, and WTKK has CNN and I believe "NBC NewsRadio". In some cases
their top-hour newscasts are totally local, with some actualities from
the networks. In others, they have a network newscast plus local...

I understand that Fox News is now rolling out a full 5 minute TOH
newscast. I wonder if WRKO will pick it up at certain hours of the
day, or will they do ABC (followed by local headlines)?

On WBZ in the evenings they do a local newscast but starting at
midnight they have CBS for a few minutes, then local
news/sports/weather (with the talk program
starting about 6 or 7 minutes past---the sports and weather segments are
short. So much to fit into so little time!)

WTKK does local newscasts during the day but from 7 pm on it's just
CNN, with no local content afterwards and we've mentioned before that
it's a weakness on their part. Those curious about local stories will
have to turn to WRKO or WBZ to get them.

I don't listen to WKOXKS often but I believe they have Air America
News at the top of the hour, and possibly some local content
afterwards. I had read that Fox
News made agreements to run on Clear Channel stations but since WRKO
already has Fox, I'm guessing 1200/1430 run Air America TOH news.

It's good to have both national and local 'casts at the top (and
sometimes bottom) of the hour...or at least have some network news
reporters used in
actualities. Local content good; network content good; both, even better.

Finally, I remember years ago that CBS would have extended newscasts at 6 pm
("The World Tonight") and I think 8 am as well. Do they still do this, and
does WBZ carry them?

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