Talk Host Suspended?

Laurence Glavin
Sat Jul 30 14:13:36 EDT 2005

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>From: "Damon Cassell" <>
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>Subject: Re: Talk Host Suspended?
>Date: Fri, 29 Jul 2005 19:36:42 -0400

> According to Google News, Michael Graham has been suspended from WMAL
> in DC for some remarks about Islam and terrorism. I'm not sure this
> show is actually syndicated, though.
> Damon
> Damon is correctimundo...Michael Graham IS the, um, "gentleman"
who was suspended for making remarks hostile not only to the
terrorists, but to ISLAM as a religion itself.  I understand that
the suspension resulted not from comments Graham made on his
talk show (since it's not syndicated and I probably wouldn't
listen if it were so I can't verify that) but from a column 
he wrote for a right-wing publication.  
Graham is on the panel of a show called "Eye On Washington"
procued by commercial channel  9 in Washington, DC
and aired in Boston on PBS outlet WGBX-TV channel 44.
If he hasn't been banished from this show as well, he
will appear on channel 44, usually channel 16 on Comcast,
Sunday morning (07/31) at 8:30 am EDST.

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