News about Air America

Joseph Pappalardo
Sat Jul 23 15:03:54 EDT 2005

> I used to listen to Rush and found it funny even
> if I didn't agree with him.

Remember when Rush started?  He was a riot!

He used to do "updates" on Gorbechov, Condoms, Barney Frank update, etc?

He used to even have a 'theme" for each one.

I got the impression he actually prepared these bits and they were funny!

Now, even as a conservative, I don't know if he's just lazy or what, but
true, he spends a lot of time simply ranting and whining.

Right before he announced his hearing issues, he didn't take one phone call
for a week!

>    ...instead of just telling the
> truth about it, most conservative syndicated hosts just lie.

I thought we went thru this already?

That's quite a leap to an accusation.

> The majority of
> talk hosts would rather protect their ideology than tell folks the
> honest truth about problems going on in our nation. It really is a

How about liberals, do they do this too?

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