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Fri Jul 22 14:24:27 EDT 2005

Hi all, 

I'm personally not "bored with politics," as much as I'm bored with politics
being discussed in an abrasive and fraudulent manner.
Actually, thinking about it now, I can't believe I just wrote that because I
too can be an intense person in my writing, which is different 
than the hot medium of radio. I miss the days of the conversation. One of
the great things about Bruds [RIP] was even though he was 
totally in right field on some issues, he was still enjoyable to listen to.
I could listen to him even if I didn't agree with him. 
It was like taking a class; ditto Jerry Williams [RIP]. I used to love Howie
Carr and the other day while on the Cape I tried listening to him
and it was unbearable. He used to be so funny and now it is just whining.
The Republicans control everything and he is whining about 
welfare. I thought I was in a time zone. During the first years of the
Clinton administration, I used to listen to Rush and found it funny even 
if I didn't agree with him. I also liked listening to Chuck Harder because
he was talking about a lot of important issues that I cared about, 
like personal privacy and trade. But some of the same problems with Clinton
have occurred under Bush 2 and instead of just telling the 
truth about it, most conservative syndicated hosts just lie. The majority of
talk hosts would rather protect their ideology than tell folks the 
honest truth about problems going on in our nation. It really is a travesty.

Anthony Schinella
Program Director/News/A&E
WKXL 1450 AM/Concord, NH

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Steve wrote--
>  What I'm wondering is if extreme partisan "rant & rave" talk (of both 
> the left and right) has begun to wear out its welcome.  I can't be the 
> only one who's bored with politics, and that's
> seems to be about all there is on talk radio these days.   

Amen!!!  I think the polarised ranting is tedious.  I wish we had more
debate and discussion and less ranting...

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