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Sat Jul 23 17:43:02 EDT 2005

Yeah, Rush was really hilarious at one time. I liked the parody songs a lot!

My points below were this: 

1) Bush 2 has done some of the same things that Clinton did yet when Clinton
did them, it was "wrong." 
For example, when Clinton was nation-building in Bosnia, Hannity called him
a war criminal. 
When Bush invades Iraq - invades a sovereign nation, not nation builds - he
is a hero and not a war criminal.
Say what? 
Clinton didn't serve overseas; neither did Cheney or Bush. Gore did.
According to the Hannitys and 
Rushs of the world, Bush was better to lead the military than Gore. He was a
true American, Gore wasn't.
Say what? 
These comments by the Hannitys and Rushs of the world were all based on
ideology; not facts or truth. 
It is totally fraudulent in my mind.
These are just two examples. There are many more but I won't waste list
subscriber's time here. 

2) Liberals do this too. That's why I thought Rush was so funny - and
correct sometimes - when he and others went after the Clintons.
I never made a distinction between the ideology of the host. I said "talk
hosts would rather protect their ideology then tell folks the truth."
I stand by that - the Rushs and the Hannitys should go after Bush for the
same evils they went after Clinton. :-)

Anthony Schinella
Program Director/News/A&E
WKXL 1450 AM/Concord, NH

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>    ...instead of just telling the
> truth about it, most conservative syndicated hosts just lie.

I thought we went thru this already?

That's quite a leap to an accusation.

> The majority of
> talk hosts would rather protect their ideology than tell folks the 
> honest truth about problems going on in our nation. It really is a

How about liberals, do they do this too?

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