WBOQ 104.9 to Carry Red Sox?

Rogerkola Rogerkola@aol.com
Fri Jul 1 14:13:35 EDT 2005

Although I think I have found the answer, the necessity of the accounts 
being in the area for a station with WEEI's ratings, wouldn't ring as true 
as removing exposure for regional and national accounts who depend on the 
entire coverage area they bought. Rough examples would be 1-800-54Giant 
(don't know if they ARE a sponsor) and GEICO (who can't sell in MA anyway.)

An observation...on my daily trip north up 95 into central Essex county last 
night  I listened to 850 into my driveway and then to my softball game which 
started at 6P. Typical AM "listenable" signal with some scratchies in 
certain locations.

After finishing the game at 8p, the 850 signal in the car was barely 
listenable, even for a diehard AM'er like me.
I went home and checked the Radio Locator Day/Night coverage maps and there 
is no indication there is a hole in the coverage...but if there is, WBOQ 
will well fill this void.

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> Points well taken... But when you stop to think about it; does WEEI really 
> take on any accounts from Cape Ann & Vicinity?? Probably not, but I 
> haven't had the opportunity to listen to WEEI, being out-of-range here in 
> FL, away from my ol' hometown.
> $.02;
> Ron Gitschier
> Palm Coast, FL
>>  Rogerkola wrote:
>>> WBOQ Beverly/Gloucester has just announced they intend to pick up the 
>>> Red Sox after the All Star Break....in an area well covered by WEEI, why
> would the Flagship station give up the revenue?
> SteveOrdinetz writes:I'm not sure WEEI is giving up any revenue.  Sports 
> packages are usually sold for the season, not individual games.  Besides, 
> stations must pay to carry the games...I'm sure as the flagship WEEI gets 
> a cut of that fee.

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