Scott Fybush scott@fybush.com
Sat Jan 29 16:05:04 EST 2005

At 02:00 PM 1/29/2005, Laurence Glavin wrote:

>WBUR has a long-standing CP to increase power and change directional
>pattern somewhat.  I believe this is predicated on a move of
>WSMU from 91.1 to 89.3.

Yes, but...

The rules changed along the way, and the protection that WBUR would once 
have gotten from WSMU on 91.1 is no longer mandated by the current rules. 
(IIRC - and I'm going strictly by memory here - it has to do with the 
first-adjacent station's 40 or 45 dBu contour not touching the other 
first-adjacent station's 100 dBu contour.) That's how SMU - er, USM - er, 
UMassDartmouth was able to get the 89.3 app recharacterized from being a 
frequency change for WSMU to being an app for a brand-new facility.


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