For the FM history buffs...

John Bolduc
Mon Jan 24 22:08:18 EST 2005

> As it turns out, I do have a Regency "Monitoradio" that I bought at a
> yard sale.  Apparently it 
> was the precursor of the scanner, just a radio that tunes, manually,
> from 30 to 50 "mc".  I 
> don't know if it tunes wide-band FM,

Many of the newer mid and high level public safety scanners, such as the
Uniden Bearcat 296D allow you to set/force three different levels of FM
bandwidth (WFM,NFM,FM) as well as AM on any frequency the scanner covers.

I have a dedicated low band adjustable antenna (CushCraft TrickStick) that
I can shorted to 42-44 MHz. It may be tricky to hear this station in the
wide FM mode. However, when I'm at work, and I am trying to listen to TV
audio to hear the news, I put a weak station in the mid FM mode and get a
much strong, though mildly distorted signal. The narrow FM with pick out
even the weakest of wideband signals but the distortion/clipping is pretty

John B
Derry NH

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