For the FM history buffs...

Garrett Wollman
Mon Jan 24 15:26:51 EST 2005

For those of you who happen to have radios that can tune wideband FM
in the old (40-MHz) band:

Experimental station WB3XXE has been licensed under STA for the next
six months or so to broadcast from the Armstrong tower in Alpine,
N.J. with 250 W on 44.1 MHz in wideband FM.  The Philly-based engineer
who built it (and unfortunately whose name I did not catch) has been
operating the station intermittently with classical music from CD
using a home-brew Phasotron transmitter into a modified 6-m dipole
antenna mounted on the middle arm of the Armstrong tower.  The station
has an Optimod 8100A for processing.  The owners of the site are
planning a public commemoration of Armstrong's life and work for some
time later this summer.

The station was operational during the SBE15 meeting held in
Armstrong's former office last Thursday evening.  According to the
operator, it was being copied in Philadelphia, as well as on a
restored Stromberg-Carlson console set in Armstrong's former
laboratory.  Plans are to move the station to 42.8 MHz at some point
before the public event.


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