FCC of late...creeping intimidation

Tim Davisson rdavisson@neo.rr.com
Sat Jan 22 14:24:45 EST 2005

> Not so strangely, I'm in the middle of both sides. >

Tony...I agree with you on the above comment. How about some non-political,
non-religious common sense?

I dislike a lot of what I hear coming from radicals on both sides of the
political spectrum. No particular political party is the one of values,
morals, and God...or FCC-approved.

The current trend is leaning far-right...but far-left isn't the way to go
either...in my opinion.

What I get talking to my Democratic buddies is they hate Republicans. My
Republican buddies hate the Democrats and some how believe their party in
power will bring an honesty to goverment, will greatly cut taxes for average
people, and legally dictate their type of morality to our airwaves and our
everyday lives. My point is...to put your faith in EITHER political party is
ridiculous: realize these guys have their own interests at heart...not ours.

The FCC shouldn't lean too far in either direction...just enforce the
law...not interpret the laws to conform to the current hot political
trend...leaning far-right.

It was pretty obvious this past election that we had two poor
candidates...and one had to win. Unfortunately, regardless of who could've
won...America loses.

It seems common sense and decency doesn't mix anymore. But, a radical FCC or
a creeping loss of personal freedoms isn't welcome in a free society.

I wish I knew the answers.

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