Nashua Telegraph writer on Nashua Radio

Fri Jan 14 20:08:22 EST 2005

  rogerkirk wrote:
>Since we all know that the community service requirements
>have been "relaxed", perhaps the best way to bring it home
>is to require each station to conspicuously broadcast
>at specific times during the day a message (not buried
>like WQSX's Legal ID) that pointedly enumerates precisely
>how much "local" service the station provides it's community
>of license which should also be clearly identified.  That way
>the amount of service is not mandated, but at least it's
>"This is WXYZ-FM licensed to the community Abracadabra. Our
>studios are not located in Abracadabra.  We devote 1% of
>our broadcast day to providing local service to the
>community of Abracadabra."

But what defines "local service to the community"?  That could be debated 
(and has) ad infinitum and very little consensus would be reached.  Should 
Kiss 108 program to Medford at the expense of greater Boston?  Matty doing 
lost dog reports and interviewing the sewer commissioner...that ought to 
drive ratings thru the roof.  :-/ 

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