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Keating Willcox kwillcox@wnsh.com
Fri Jan 14 13:49:59 EST 2005

I remember hearing WGAW listed for $150,000. I bought it site unseen. We 
established our Nashua station WMVU  as the main studio. It was absolutely 
derelict. New transmitter, new computer, everything but the sat dish and 
the tower, totally overgrown, roof leaked, toilet and water pipes had 
burst. But, we fixed it up and put on some political talk radio. WGAW had 
made some real money, before FM, but when I got it, it had been a disaster 
for years. Shelves and shelves of oldies from the 50's, all worn out. And, 
a very rural population, lots of forests, lots of cows. Not a lot of 
listeners. Small AM stations are tough to get into the black. What happens 
is that maintenance and upgrades are delayed, ads start to shrink, finally 
the bank account is empty.

It needed a single, driven general manager who could do a great morning 
shift on local issues and news, and then spend 10 AM to 8 PM chasing local 
advertising. I hope the new owners make a better go of it than I did. Best 
of luck to them.


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