Breaking the format at 1200/1430?

Donna Halper
Sat Jan 8 17:03:45 EST 2005

At 04:18 PM 1/8/2005 -0500, you wrote:
>Boston's Progressive Talk Network (we can't really call it Air America 
>since 1/3 of its programming comes from Jones Radio Network) was breaking 
>the "progressive talk" barrier today.  Instead of Al Franken's "best of" 
>show at 10 this morning, they had a financial help show instead.

I was told a while back that a couple of the shows that were contracted 
under the old format were still gonna be carried till their contracts 
expired-- but they would be placed on weekends, rather than in the 
prime-time weekday slot.  Since AA and Jones are not fully staffed on the 
weekends yet  and mainly run best-of compilations on Saturday and Sunday 
(which, I hear, may change soon), it's probably just an effort to honour an 
old contract, get some revenue into the station, etc.  I doubt it will 
still be on the air in a couple of months. 

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