Breaking the format at 1200/1430?

Mark Laurence
Sat Jan 8 16:18:19 EST 2005

Boston's Progressive Talk Network (we can't really call it Air America since 1/3 of its programming comes from Jones Radio Network) was breaking the "progressive talk" barrier today.  Instead of Al Franken's "best of" show at 10 this morning, they had a financial help show instead.  I didn't catch the host's name but it sounds like something that's heard on a lot of New England radio stations.  There certainly wasn't anything "progressive" about it, as he was telling one listener where to put his money in CD's, and telling a 78 year old listener about annuity contracts.

Hopefully this doesn't mean 1200/1430 is going down the road to brokered talk.  Their website lists Al Franken's show on the schedule.


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