Chuck Harder Out At WCAP-AM

Mark Watson
Wed Jan 5 18:30:24 EST 2005

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Subject: Chuck Harder Out At WCAP-AM
Laurence Glavin wrote:

>I was perambulating across the AM dial yesterday afternoon, and
> noticed that Chuck Harder's "For the People Who Believe in Black
> Helicopters" was no longer on WCAP-AM, Loal (I spell it that way
> because the City once had a promotional spot that used the slogan
> "there's a lot to like about Loal").

   At the beginning of Monday's "Afternoon Live" show, Ryan Johnston told 
listeners that over the New Years's weekend, the network that fed Chuck 
Harder "ceased to exist" and apparently told none of their affilaites. I 
don't know if Chuck Harder will find a new network home, but apparently he's 
not in WCAP's future. They are filling with best of  Dr. Joy Browne shows 
for the rest of the week, starting Monday (1/10) "Afternoon Live" will air 
from 3 to 6 PM, with Michael Savage running 6 to 9 PM. Tom Martino runs 12 
Noon to 2 PM, maybe an extra hour of Martino to fill till 3 ??

   Did Chuck Harder's network really "cease to exist" ? Or did something 
else happen?

Mark Watson 

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