Chuck Harder Out At WCAP-AM

Laurence Glavin
Wed Jan 5 18:15:11 EST 2005

I was perambulating across the AM dial yesterday afternoon, and
noticed that Chuck Harder's "For the People Who Believe in Black
Helicopters" was no longer on WCAP-AM, Loal (I spell it that way
because the City once had a promotional spot that used the slogan
"there's a lot to like about Loal").  In its place was what seemed to
be a tape-delayed version of Dr. Joy Brown's show.  A visit to indicated that the Chuck Harder Show is still listed
as being on from 2:00 untill 4:00 pm.  Maybe some denizens
of the Spindle city can report on what's happening in time
for Sunday's "LTAR" (unless it's already on tape).
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