Air America's night signal

Dan Strassberg
Tue Jan 4 18:19:17 EST 2005

Well, Bill, regardless of what you think, I've heard that one of the biggest
attractions of progressive talk to advertisers is the high TSL, which
allegedly is several times the TSL of other formats, including right-wing
talk. Yes, the progressive-talk audience skews younger than the right-wing
talk audience. The youger demo adds further advertiser appeal to the
progressive-talk format. I would not be surprised if the median age of
right-wing-talk listeners is close to 55--the age at which time buyers (most
of whom are under 25) KNOW that people simply stop buying anything--but
surprisingly, fail to immediately die. I suspect that the average age of
progressive-talk listeners is as much as two decades younger. But there IS a
large contingent of us who are well past 55. (Don't breathe a word of it,
but we also still shop and spend--and I bet that's true of the righties

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> Dan Strassberg wrote:
> >Instead of having to share the right-wing-talk market with as
> >many as three competitors, the progressive-talk strategy puts CCU in
> >control of a potentially almost equally large market.
> >
> I don't think it's dollars-to-donuts when comparing a conservative
> listener pool to a progressive one.  Liberals tend to skew younger with
> a demo that is supported by a full-range of media (music, entertainment,
> Internet, XM, MP3).  If you buy the notion that conservatives lean
> older, then, by virtue of that age-demo, there is a greater likelihood
> that conservative talk (AM or FM) would be considered time well-spent.
> There are indications that, like country listeners who are considered
> more conservative and very loyal, conservative talk has a strong brand
> loyalty.  While larger markets should be a good fit for progressive
> talk, they would need to be ready to share that demo with non-talk
> Bill O'Neill
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