Air America's night signal

Bill O'Neill
Tue Jan 4 15:35:50 EST 2005

Dan Strassberg wrote:

>Instead of having to share the right-wing-talk market with as
>many as three competitors, the progressive-talk strategy puts CCU in total
>control of a potentially almost equally large market. 
I don't think it's dollars-to-donuts when comparing a conservative 
listener pool to a progressive one.  Liberals tend to skew younger with 
a demo that is supported by a full-range of media (music, entertainment, 
Internet, XM, MP3).  If you buy the notion that conservatives lean 
older, then, by virtue of that age-demo, there is a greater likelihood 
that conservative talk (AM or FM) would be considered time well-spent.  
There are indications that, like country listeners who are considered 
more conservative and very loyal, conservative talk has a strong brand 
loyalty.  While larger markets should be a good fit for progressive 
talk, they would need to be ready to share that demo with non-talk options.

Bill O'Neill
Happy Gnu Year

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