Stations named after highways

Dan Strassberg
Tue Jan 4 11:51:59 EST 2005

Someone will surely provide a definitive answer to the question of when the
Interstate Highway system opened, but my guess is that many parts of it
existed by 1961. Whether I-91 near Amerst existed by 1961, I have no clue.
Seems as though the Mass Turnpike, with the exception of the extension
inside of Route 128, opened sometime around 1961. The extension opened a few
years after the rest of the Pike.


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> Reading all this talk about naming stations after highways, I just
realized that I may have been a contributor to this concept. FORTY years ago
when I was doing the "Afternoon A-Go-Go" show on UMass' WMUA in Amherst
(91.1 FM), in my attempt to emulate the great Top 40 stations of the day
(e.g. WDRC, Hartford), I used to call our station "RADIO 91". I even made
jingles using that term. I won't get into the horrified looks on the
"higher-ups'" faces as I was turning what was, up to then, an FM, college
"educational" station, into a "Pseudo-Top 40, Personality-Type" station.
> Reading this thread, I realized that "Radio 91" COULD have referred to
nearby Interstate 91! Thus, am I the EARLIEST one to do this "highway
> Did I invent the concept without even knowing it? I guess I FINALLY made
my mark in radio history! :-)
> WHOOPS! My wife just asked me if Route 91 (or the whole Interstate highway
system) even existed back then!
> Never mind.
> -Sonny Daye
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> While it wasn't named after a road, WILI-FM/Willimantic, CT has used
> the "I-98" moniker for almost 20 years.  For most of their history, the
> CHR station used the red and blue interstate-style sign with the
> moniker in the center as their logo.  They've used a different logo
> over last few years however....
> --Dave Tomm
> "Mike Thomas
> On Jan 2, 2005, at 9:01 PM, Paul Anderson wrote:
> >
> > On Jan 2, 2005, at 1:17 PM, Eli Polonsky wrote:
> >
> >> This and the recent flip in Worcester of 100.1 to "The Pike" is
> >> making me wonder if it's now becoming a trend for "Classic Hits"
> >> stations to image themselves for nearby highways...
> >
> > WRKI Brookfield CT has called themselves "I-95" for about 25 years
> > now.  They're not classic hits, but one of the first I ever heard of
> > to name themselves after a road.
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> >Subject: Re: Format flips
> >Date: Sun, 02 Jan 2005 22:02:48 GMT
> >
> > "I-95" has been advertising in local newspapers for the past couple
> > of weeks  as "Bangor's Home for Classic Hits". The ad features  an
> > Interstate 95 highway shield logo.
> >
> There's also 93.3 WNHI "I-93" up in Belmont, NH which targets Laconia
> and Concord. Of course they're right along Interstate 93, and they also
> seem to have the "I" mean Imus. They're a classic rock station, and I
> believe they've been around for about 10 years.
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