Air America's night signal

Garrett Wollman
Mon Jan 3 22:35:31 EST 2005

<<On Mon, 03 Jan 2005 20:04:41 -0700, "Sid Schweiger" <> said:

> WXKS has no plans that I'm aware of.

Any kind of improvement to 1430 would be extremely difficult, unless
they did something crazy like diplex on the 1120 site in Acton and
somehow go to 50 kW DA-2.  Even then I'm not sure the NIF would get as
far as Everett....  Think of what they would need to protect: 1430s in
Endicott and Newark (the major pests right now); your 1440 in
Worcester and the one in Westbrook; 1420s in various places.  All in
all, a total nightmare, and probably not worth the money it would take
to seriously upgrade the signal.

Diplexing on the 1150 towers might have offered some relief, but with
1470 there, that's likely to be impossible now.


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