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Mission Control miscon@miscon.net
Tue Feb 22 14:46:07 EST 2005

 >>> Looks like student run radio at UMass Lowell may be on the way
> out--unless the students fight back. Is this the start of a trend?

 >>> I don't know, but I can't imagine that happening at UMass Amherst
without a big fight from the students.  And plenty of alumni as well.<<

There will be a meeting between students, alumni, community and all others concerned on Wednesday @ 4:30pm in the basement of the Lydon Library. Should be interesting, though the outcome (IMNSHO) has already been determined. Let me put it this way: They'll be broadcasting Lowell Spinners games this summer (hey, isn't WCAP already doing that?!), and Christopher Lydon (from what I've heard) has landed some type of gig there... hmmm.

Sid said: 
>From my observations of college-age students at Framingham State, where I am every week, they don't use radio like students used to.  

True. It's been that way for a while, actually.

He continued:
It used to be that students lined up for shifts at WDJM.  Not anymore.
Radio is irrelevant to most of them...

At WUML there are not enough time-slots for all the interested students; and the students that are a part of the station eat, sleep, and breathe radio.

Let's call this for what it is... the university sees the station as a tool (finally! one might say), and will use it as it sees fit. While it will no doubt be at the expense of the current students at WUML, it could (rather it SHOULD) be of benefit to future students interested in broadcast media. AN let's face it, the way the university is going about this change is far from optimal, though that's to be expected from the UMass machinery...

Unfortunately, the university is about 30 years too late in this implimentation (thankfully for me!), but hey...


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