WCAP-AM Off The Air Right Now

Laurence Glavin lglavin@lycos.com
Sat Feb 19 12:52:50 EST 2005

At this very minute: 12:42 pm EST Saturday Feb 19, 2005,
WCAP-AM 980 in Lowell, MA is off-the-air.  Not that I
wish ill of any station, except WCRB, but I love when that
happens because often I can observe what its disappearance
causes to be available.  (I'm sure it's just a temporary
interruption, like the WLLH-AM Lowell transmitter outage
in November.)  In WCAP's absence, WZAN in Portland booms
in here about 30 miles north of Boston, with just a little 
interference from the 970 in Southbridge, MA.  I don't
even know if the 990 in Providence (is it still WALE?) is
on-the-air, but there was no audible station at 990
where I live.  At 980 itself, I could pick up a sports
station, but there was not a sation ID or commercial that
hinted at the station's locale.  It could have been the
980 in Groton, CT or even WOFX(?) in Troy, NY.  In very cold
weather like today (22 degrees F in Methuen;  how cold is it
in northwestern VT...I have the feeling we may find out)
AM stations get a little better mileage even at midday,
so it could have been a 5KW signal that managed to
travel over the Taconic/Berkshire mountains and east 
almost to the Massachusetts coast.  The 960 in Fitchburg
is also coming in a little better than usual and can be heard
over WROL 950 splatter.  
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