Syndie talkers you'd like to hear in Boston

Bill O'Neill
Tue Feb 15 14:36:34 EST 2005

Bob Nelson wrote:

>Which of these syndie talkers would you like to hear in Boston? (to the best of my knowledge they aren't heard here) 
>Glenn Beck (conservative--on up in NH I think) 
>I would want to hear Hendrie (funny!), James (for the trivia at least), 
>Tammy Bruce (good filling in for the Ingraham-mer last night), Colmes 
>(too leftist for the conservatives, too centrist for the liberals?), 
>and Burns if someone would syndicate him. 
Beck is in Philly and feeds 0900 to 1200. He's good. Execution is very 
good, jocular, can be serious, leans to the right  but non-partisan and 
will take a swing at both sides.  A rising star if he keeps it going.  
Carries on WGY (Albany area), WXZO (VT) and in Manchester & c.  He could 
draw numbers from both sides of center. 

Very funny Valentines Day bit that actually works.  Has guys "fill in 
the blanks" on a very smooth love letter. On air, rehearses with Beck 
how the cold call will go to the spouse/girlfriend. Fake in/outro for 
the sake of the unwitting partner as "Couple of the Year."  Beck leads 
her with just enough specifics so that she believes the bit.  Even preps 
the guy to, on cue, say, "(name) <pause for five full seconds> I love 
you."  Then it's dinner, flowers, applause and, after the call ends, a 
review.  It may seem kind of nasty but it does work and the end-result 
for the couple can be a good thing (until she finds out about the radio 

Phil Hendrie is a great listen but, unfortunately, has been bumped to 
1900 to 2200 from the west coast.  During the post-911 overdose of talk, 
Hendrie was extremely refreshing with this talk show on talk shows.  If 
you appreciate voice work, bits, timing, writing, and call execution, 
you might want to give him a listen.

I just intended a one or two-word response and fell off of the 
OnAnOnAnOn wagon.  (Jerry Williams: "On An On An On An On... a twelve 
step program for people who can't stop talking.")  RIP

Bill O'Neill

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