Syndie talkers you'd like to hear in Boston

Bob Nelson
Tue Feb 15 14:15:04 EST 2005

Which of these syndie talkers would you like to hear in Boston? (to the best of my knowledge they aren't heard here) 

Glenn Beck (conservative--on up in NH I think) 

Tammy Bruce ("an openly gay, pro-choice, gun owning, pro-death penalty, voted-for-President Reagan progressive feminist"--from bio on her site) 

Phil Hendrie (comedy-talk, in the sense of he does several voices in spoofing talk shows) 

Jim Bohannon 

Neal Boortz (is he on WTTT? don't think so) 

Gene Burns (yes, I know he's not syndicated but...wishful thinking!) 

Alan Colmes Fox News Live ("Red White and liberal") 

Rusty Humphries 

Rollye James (formerly an occasional host on "Coast to Coast"--does a good trivia show on Fridays) 

Lars Larson 

G.Gordon Liddy 

Mancow Muller (soon to be syndie) 

Michael Reagan 

Tony Snow 

Doug Stephan (morning drive, used to be based here) 

Probably a few I didn't think of (especially in the liberal sense, though most of the major lib talkers are indeed on at WKOXKS)... 

I would want to hear Hendrie (funny!), James (for the trivia at least), 
Tammy Bruce (good filling in for the Ingraham-mer last night), Colmes 
(too leftist for the conservatives, too centrist for the liberals?), 
and Burns if someone would syndicate him. 

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