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Joseph Pappalardo joepappalardo2001@yahoo.com
Sun Feb 13 19:29:42 EST 2005

> <<On Sun, 13 Feb 2005 16:48:02 -0500, "Joseph Pappalardo"
<joepappalardo2001@yahoo.com> said:
> > Again, can sattelite replace WROR Loren and Wally's "Men from Maine"
> > Wally's take on local sports?  Curt Schilling's weekly appearance?
> I don't know -- how long until Messrs. Brine and Owens' contracts are
> up?

>From what I heard, they just renewed at a record amount.

> There's nothing preventing either DARS operator from creating a "New
> England talk and entertainment" channel if that was what it took.

Except that it would require an expenditure of more money.

Considering they are still losing tons of money...I don't know if thats'
what they really want to do.

> > Again, can sattelite ever replace Howie Carr's rants about Beacon Hill
> > hacks?
> Apparently so, since the show was syndicated.

Forget the syndication efforts...which are minimal at this point.  It's one
of the places you can still hear about the Big Dig water-woes, Fat Matt
Amorillo, Ted Kennedy's "Wizard of Ahhhh's", etc.

The show does pretty well in Boston.

> > Local concerts?
> Sure -- the mass-audience ones are invariably part of a national
> tour.  The non-mass-audience ones don't make it on local radio anyway.

It's still the primary place where people find out about concerts in Boston.
Will Deadheads find the concert of their favorite group?  Probably, but most
of the local show, which don't have huge cult followigns are still promoted
on radio.

> > Snowstorms?
> What, other than a weather forecast, do you want radio to provide?

Stories about who got what amount of snow, parking bans, Mayor Mumbles
procalmations about 'saving parking spaces', cancellations...and thing like
Chuck Knowlin saying, "I just saw a guy on Cross-Counrty skies headed down
the center of Boylston Street"

> > Boston Pops concerts?
> There's nothing specifically local about Pops concerts; they're one of
> the best-known light-music orchestras in the country.  I could easily
> see them doing a deal to put every performance on satellite, if the
> audience is there.

It might not be there for a national audience.  But it certainly IS there
for locals, Friday afternoons of GBH-FM, Sunday's from Tanglewood, etc.,

> > And WBZ's news?
> That's about the only thing in your list that has a meaningful local
> component...

"Meaningful" is up to the individual. People like JJ Wright and Dale because
they know them as Boston personalities who are in touch with some of the
nuances of Boston.  Same probably for Matty.  The River is percieved as a
local station that brings people into the studio...which means they are in
Haverill Mass...not some studio in DC or NYC.  Club Kiss is out at Local
clubs...not some club in LA.

People like to feel like they are in touch with the city...and know what
everyone else' is doing outside of their own mundane life.

Sunny Jo White was the master of this....people would tune in to fell "in
touch" with what's going on.

Radio could and probably will have to do this better.

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