Possible quick fix for WSMN? (was Re: Farewell WSMN; 1590 Dialspot Silent in Nashua)

Dan Strassberg dan.strassberg@att.net
Sun Feb 13 07:35:35 EST 2005

Pete: I think so. When WSRO 1470 (now WAZN) lost its site, it built a new
100' top-loaded tower in Hudson and operated under STA with (I think) 300W-D
and a few watts at night for something like four years. There was big-time
overlap between WSRO's previous 5 kW ND day signal from Fitchburg St and
either first-adjacent WBET or first-adjacents WBET and WSAR. Whether any
overlap remained after WSRO moved north to Hudson, reduced its power, and
changed to a less efficient antenna, I don't know. I guess the question is
if WSMN operates ND days from 900's tower, can it run some meaningful power
without increasing overlap with WUNR and maybe WARV. If not, is there
another site further north at which WSMN could construct a single 100'
top-loaded tower. A 100' tower, even without top loading, but with a
standard ground system, is actually a little bit more than tall enough to
produce minimum Class B efficiency at 1590, but using the guy wires for a
top load would increase the efficiency without increasing the cost very
much. There might also be a cell tower somewhere on the north side of Nashua
whose operator would be amenable to the installation of a skirt-fed Folded
Unipole antenna. If a site could be found from which WSMN's 5 mV/m contour
covered 80% of Nashua and the signal caused no prohibited overlap with any
station (including the application for 1580 in "Cordaville MA"--really just
a neighbohood in Framingham), WSMN could be licensed as a Class D AM and
could operate indefinitely.

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> Yup, I noticed it on my way to Manchester today.  Just
> a faint signal from WARV and splatter from WUNR.
> Question....  Now that the clock has started on WSMN's
> one year silent period, could they possibly run...
> say, 250 watts/ND on the 900/Nashua tower to keep the
> license active until a more permanent solution could
> be found?  Obviously, this is a "special" circumstance
> in the eyes of the FCC, due to encroachment of an old
> antenna array. Any thoughts?
> 73,
> Peter Q. George (K1XRB)
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> --- Laurence Glavin <lglavin@lycos.com> wrote:
> > Shortly after the story ran that WSMN was being shut
> > down
> > in the Nashua Telegraph, I posted an item to the
> > effect that
> > the station was still transmitting an unmodulated
> > carrier.
> > This went on for several days, but when I did my
> > Saturday
> > morning radio pass today, AM 1590 was silent except
> > for a faint
> > signal from WARV-AM, West Warwick RI (I didn't catch
> > the
> > call letters, but it was running commercial
> > "religion")
> > and splatter from WUNR.  So at least temporarily, an
> > era has ended.
> >
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