Wall Street Week/Fortune

SteveOrdinetz hykker@grolen.com
Sat Feb 12 20:26:54 EST 2005

  Bill O'Neill. wrote:
>Once Sirius/XM is integrated into AM/FM/Sat radios, with a seamless click 
>of a preset, local radio will have to choose to either be history or to do 
>the very things that no satellite or national signal can possibly do - be 
>excruciatingly local as well as being accessible to less affluent advertisers.

"Excruciatingly local" for the sake of being local isn't gonna cut it.  You 
still need to do GOOD radio...be a station people actually want to listen 
to...."howdy folks" radio with lost dog reports and hour-long interviews 
with candidates for sewer commisioner circa 1963 isn't gonna fly.  It was 
bad radio then, it's bad radio now.  And if you set the ad rates so every 
mom & pop greeting card shop in town can advertise on your station how are 
you gonna afford to pay your airstaff without 30 min/hr. spot loads?   

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