A. Joseph Ross
Sat Feb 5 23:25:42 EST 2005

On 5 Feb 2005 at 15:48, Bill O'Neill wrote:

> A latter gem from the duo, they were well in to retirement when they
> were cutting TV spots for Massachusetts Electric. One was a spinoff
> from their game that involved, "You tell me the answer and I'll tell
> you the question."  Ray is doing well with the game when Bob says,
> "Hey, you're on a roll!"  Ray:  "Why is there butter on my pants?"

Steve Allen used to do a routine like that called "The Question Man."  The premise was that 
knowledge had progressed to the point where there were a surplus of answers and not 
enough questions.  The one I remember was when, presented with the answer "Khrushchev, 
pistol, clarinet, Lincoln Highway, carrot," Allen answered, "Name a red, a rod, a reed, a road, 
and a root."

And these days, many of the SPAMs I get remind me of that "answer." 

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