Bill O'Neill
Sat Feb 5 15:48:35 EST 2005

Laurence Glavin wrote:

>What you described mirrors one of the greatest skits by Bob and Ray
>on their album "Bob and Ray: The Two and Only".
>Bob Elliott is interviewing the s p o k e s m a n 
>for the slow talkers of America, played by Ray Goulding.
>As Ray talks R E A L L Y slowly, Bob gets exasperated
>and fills in the gaps with Ray's expected response.
>I know I once owned the album, but it seems to have
>disappeared.  Too bad.  But it WAS funny!
A latter gem from the duo, they were well in to retirement when they 
were cutting TV spots for Massachusetts Electric. One was a spinoff from 
their game that involved, "You tell me the answer and I'll tell you the 
question."  Ray is doing well with the game when Bob says, "Hey, you're 
on a roll!"  Ray:  "Why is there butter on my pants?"

Bill O'Neill

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