Boston-Radio-Interest Digest, Vol 9, Issue 37

Scott Fybush
Fri Feb 4 12:32:43 EST 2005

At 08:10 AM 2/4/2005 -0500, Dan Strassberg wrote:
>what's the situation with WLQV, which lost three of its 12 towers
>to a WalMart. (I know that WLQV now operates 50 kW-D/10 kW-N DA-2 from the
>nine towers that remained after the WalMart was built, but I'd be willing to
>bet that at least part of the land occupied by WLQV's ground system is part
>of the WalMart parking lot.)

I'm quite certain that there's some of the WLQV ground system under the 
parking lot there, yes...

>And BTW, did Air America's new LA affiliate--one of the two stations that
>use the five-tower array whose ground system is on a warehouse roof--retain
>the KXTA calls? The air personailities keep referring to the station as
>K-Talk. There must be a dozen K-Talks, but only one AM can be KTLK. Last
>time I checked, there was a KTLK (AM) in the Denver area, but that was quite
>a while ago.

That it was. KTLK 760 Thornton-Denver became KKZN, "the Zone," a few years 
ago, at which point the KTLK calls were parked on 1340 Santa Barbara CA, 
ex-KIST. When 1150 LA went to Air America, it got the KTLK calls and 1340 
Santa Barbara went back to KIST. The KXTA calls are now defunct. 570 LA 
remains KLAC as "Xtra Sports," and 690 Tijuana remains XETRA as "Fabulous 
690," with the standards that used to be on 570. I am eagerly anticipating 
my next visit to southern California in April to hear all the changes.

(760 Denver, by the way, is also now Air America, with the interesting 
twist that it's identifying itself specifically as "Boulder's Progressive 
Talk" so as to appeal to the particularly crunchy part of the market. 
Imagine if WKOX/WXKS were ID'ing as "Cambridge's Progressive Talk" and 
you'd get the idea.)

Oh, and as I noted earlier - the 1020/1150 array in LA has a conventional 
buried ground system, so far as I know. I'm sure the warehouse buildings 
were grounded to that system, but the chickenwire that covers the warehouse 
roof is there to shield the building, not to serve as the ground system. (I 
hope to visit this site and get a close-up look in April.)


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