WSMN Goes dark

Tue Feb 1 18:50:27 EST 2005

Scott Fybush wrote:

>Dan Strassberg, how much power do you think 1590 could run ND-D from a 
>single unobtrusive tower somewhere? I can't imagine that they can get a 
>new DA built in a year (or, likely, ever) - and the clock is now ticking 
>towards the deletion of the license on 1/31/06 unless they find a way to 
>get back from some sort of temporary facility before that.

Given the lack of available land and NIMBYs the likelihood of WSMN 
returning with a 3-tower DA are somewhere between slim and none..   Why 
would anyone want to throw the kind of money necessary to make it happen at 
a station that hasn't operated in the black in decades?

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