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rogerkirk rogerkirk@mail.ttlc.net
Thu Dec 29 23:10:11 EST 2005

Brian Vita replied:
>Several years ago we looked at a marketing a background music system 
>from a company that claimed to be an off-shoot of some radio 
>automation company (they never identified which one).  
>The company tweaked the product several times during our negotiations 
>and struck me as talking out of both sides of their mouths.  We 
>elected not to handle the product.  The company was "American Music 
>Environments" and they're still in business:


This could put us "on-topic" for radio:

AME is a subsidiary of RPM (Radio Program Management) in Michigan.  RPM distributes a weekly, monthly and bi-monthly series of music CDs called Top Hits U.S.A. to radio stations and Mobile DJ's in the U.S.  The songs have built-in 20KHz "cue tones" and they offer CD player Ultrasonic Cue Cards - PC boards that connect to a computer or automation system.  Their trademark is "Ultrasoni-Q."  RPM also offers music library services (CD or pre-loaded hard drives) to Radio Stations only.

Their president Tom Krikorian appears to be a voice-over guy and I think they offer (or used to offer) that service, too - although, I couldn't find it on their web site.  He voices their phone answering machine and his style is very distinctive.  Call (800) 521- 2537 (after hours) to sample his dulcet tones and authoritative delivery.  

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