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rogerkirk rogerkirk@mail.ttlc.net
Thu Dec 29 22:48:20 EST 2005

hykker@grolen.com noted:

>I've never been in a Dollar Tree store, but Hannaford supermarkets 
>have their own "network" of sorts that's distributed to all their 
>stores.  They have a surprisingly deep 50s/60s oldies mix in the 
>morning, mid-days is 70s and afternoon/evenings it's a fairly hip AC 
>mix.  Generic Hannaford-specific messages are interspersed at various 
>intervals (not to be confused with individual store messages which 
>over-ride the music/"network" messages).  When it switches from one 
>era to another it's abrupt, and often in mid-song so it's likely 
>they're using several music channels (Muzak?).  The switching is not 
>done in the stores.  Could be Dollar Tree is doing something similar.  
>(since the chain is headquartered in Portland, Me this is sort of on 

Dollar Tree specifically mentions "The Dollar Tree Network", but does
not announce song names or artists - just "glad you're enjoying the 
music"  I haven't spent enough time there to detect a change in 
musical styles between dayparts.

I guess a store could take music from any number of syndicated 
offerings that could appeal to their demo's.  They just would be 
able to clear spots.

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