Fwd: [ABDX] 1590 WSMN Towers Down

Dan Strassberg dan.strassberg@att.net
Tue Dec 20 10:03:27 EST 2005

Supposedly, the house is going to be in even worse disrepair real soon--if
it isn't already. There were stories here six months or so ago that the
Nashua Fire Dept planned to torch it as part of a training exercise for

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> Scott Fybush wrote:
> > From Bruce Conti in Nashua, via the ABDX mailing list:
> >
> >>The three-tower directional array of 1590 WSMN was torn down today,
> >>an empty space in the Nashua skyline at Routes 3 and 111.  I missed all
> >>action, as the last of the heavy equipment was seen being carted away
> >>while on my
> >>commute home from work.  What remains of the old WSMN is the once
stately and
> >>now abandoned house on the hill that served as the studios and offices.
> >>Meanwhile 1590 WSMN is diplexed with the 900 WSNH tower, a weak signal
> >>relaying
> >>ESPN from WSNH, in what appears to be a slow and painful death, awaiting
> >>transplant to a new location that may never be found.
> Not sure what effect it has on Nashua's "skyline"...those towers barely
> cleared the trees anyway.
> It is a shame to see the house in such disrepair, though it looked to be
> dire need of some TLC even when the station was still on the air.

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