102.5 to Spanish? Nahhh.....

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Sun Dec 18 08:01:08 EST 2005

What I don't understand is why would you shake up two groups of listeners (Country and Classical)?  Why couldn't 99.5 stay country (which it has been for 10+ years) and 102.5 stay Classical?  (I guess a deeper question is: What is with radio making changes for the sake of change?)

Does 102.5 offer better coverage into Boston or vice versa?  One of our engineers on-list could probably answer that, and maybe that's the reasoning.  But change just for the sake of change will only frustrate radio listeners more than they already are when it comes to the state of radio today?


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From: "A. Joseph Ross" <joe@attorneyross.com>
> Well, here are a few scenarios I'd like to see (though, unlike Joseph Gallant, I 
> don't have any 
> illusions that any of them have much chance of happening):
> 99.5 gets bought by Bob Bittner
> 99.5 gets bought by the Boston Symphony and becomes the new WCRB
> 99.5 gets bought by the New York Times or the Boston Globe and becomes 
> affiliated with 
> WQXR or becomes the new WCRB
> 99.5 gets bought by Doug or Woody Tanger and gets the classical programming that 
> used to 
> be on WBOQ
> Somebody with an interest in the Ted Jones trust takes legal action that forces 
> 99.5 to go 
> classical as compensation for the loss of 102.5

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