WRKO technical difficulties?

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Sat Dec 17 16:01:44 EST 2005

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> Was Whitley broadcasting from Guest St or from some other location--like his
> house? (Doesn't he have a studio there?) It has been postulated that the
> problem is in the audio chain at the WRKO studios. If that is the case, it
> might not affect a program that originates from a different location--even
> though the remote presumably has to pass through the studio. The reason is
> that the studio-console channel used for the remote may not be affected.
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When I first noticed distortion on WRKO during a portion of the Hoie Carr
shoy Thursday I believe it was, I figured that he might have been doing
a remote out-of-the-area.  It wasn't until a traffic-report/commercial
break that I realized the problem was with the station's whole sound
products.  As of today (12/17) the problem seems to have been fixed.  Yikes...
gotta go hear Bob Brinker!  Bye.


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