102.5 to Spanish? Nahhh.....

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I'm not sure if Scott meant 99.5 or 102.5 to go Spanish - in either case - it still doesn't make sense.

Furthermore - when looking at census stats - you might be surprised at the statistics for Greater Boston when it comes to the hispanic population...just under 7 percent of the population in Greater Boston is of Hispanic or Latino origin.

(refer to: http://quickfacts.census.gov/qfd/states/25000.html)

Still...not worth a $100 million dollar change...now or anytime in the near future for almost any Boston FM radio station.  Now, if you told me WXKS and/or WKOX might take a stab at going Spanish, that could sound a little more realistic, but not an FM'er in Boston.

Sorry if I "misread" anything....I'll go back to lurking now (with my eyes open of course).  Thanks for the clarity!


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> NOBODY on this list has suggested that 102.5 will flip to Spanish. Reread
> the postings--this time with your eyes open! Scott Fybush did suggest that
> 99.5 might flip. Its Tx location, right next to Lawrence, which is something
> like 80% Hispanic, makes it a logical candidate. But if 99.5 brings Greater
> Media, say, $60 million in a forced sale, there is still the question of
> whether it is economically justifiable to flip to Spanish a Massachusetts
> station that has cost its purchaser that much. Other scenarios can be
> postulated--involving other signals that are Boston rimshots. This is a
> field day for speculation by those of us with no money but plenty of wild
> imagination. Joseph Gallant, who no longer posts to this list, must be
> drooling!
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> > Despite all the possibilities and rumors, the chances of a 100-million
> dollar FM'er going Spanish is probably one of the more far-fetched format
> ideas to come down the pike.  Why?  Mass market.  While it may appear that
> the Hispanic audience may be large - it is no where near the "critical mass"
> that would allow for an investment in an all-Spanish FM format in Boston, as
> compare to New York or even in the South.  The numbers ($$$ and population)
> just don't (and won't) add up.  In order for an FM spanish format to be
> successful, ad rates would have to be through the roof to help offset the
> cost of a 100-million dollar purchase.
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