WILD 1950's Stunt

Eli Polonsky elipolo@earthlink.net
Fri Dec 16 14:57:59 EST 2005

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> On 15 Dec 2005 at 21:43, EW Forry wrote:
> > The guy introduced each song, then played "Fever." It drew an
> > audience, and much  attention  to the 1090 signal- which by the
> > way, I believe was a daytimer- Not  quite sure what the DJ did
> > overnight.
> Isn't it still a daytimer?

Yes, but since sometime around ten years ago they've been allowed
an extra half-hour at very low power after local sunset. It's just
barely enough to weakly cover Boston and within most of Route 128
if WBAL isn't skipping in too strongly yet. It also used to switch
to mono for that last half-hour back when they were in AM stereo.

WILD goes fully off the air after that low power half-hour after
sunset, so technically it's still a daytimer, plus a half-hour.

Eli Polonsky

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