looking at lastest 12 + ratings

Bob Nelson raccoonradio@gmail.com
Fri Dec 16 12:57:53 EST 2005

Yes, looks like ratings don't matter to Salem and WTTT and the format
is there, as Dan
says, for ideological reasons and they can bill to a niche audience.

>>WKOXKS's current nighttime signal problems
are worse than WTTT's

Yes, some folks on their messageboard are wondering why they seem to be running
Fox Sports and some hockey. Looks like the sports talkers in Ottawa (1200) and
Binghamton (1430) are to blame...I don't regularly tune in to them at
night so I don't
know for sure, but is the cold/winter weather a factor in having these
other stations
obliterate their feeble night signals (as opposed to other times of
the year)? I drive to work in late afternoon and sometimes scan the
dial--and now that the darkness comes so early, I notice how much
stronger the
_other_ stations I mentioned come in comp. to the WKOX and WXKS signals. Is
cold weather the factor? Thanks

On 12/16/05, SteveOrdinetz <hykker@grolen.com> wrote:
>   Dan Strassberg wrote:
> >One gets the impression that the person or persons responsible for
> >local sales at WXKS had decided days before s/he/they picked up the phone to
> >make his/her/their first sales call that the idea that the format could be
> >sold in this market was hopeless.
> I wonder if WXKS even has a separate sales staff.  If you were a sales rep,
> where would you concentrate your efforts...Kiss 108 where the rates are
> hundreds of dollars a minute or the AMs where they might be $25?

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