WEEI gives Adams the slot

Bob Nelson raccoonradio@gmail.com
Fri Dec 16 12:51:21 EST 2005

Didn't know it was "one of the oldest stunts in the book". Whatever
they're doing seems to
be working, though; the latest 12 + ratings put them at #1. Though
interest in the Sox
must be a major factor (that, and talking about them...and the Pats).

But I think Adams did a good job with it, personally, but I think
Adams is funny and a lot
more enjoyable to listen to than Sarandis was.

One of my co-workers tells me she loves stuff like the Whiner Line on
be listening while driving and start laughing so hard that tears come
down her face
(careful, Laurie! Remember you're driving! :) )...some of their
listeners come up with
funny bits, imitations, songs, etc. They're doing a good job, I feel,
and that--plus
our devotion to the Sox--is reflected in the ratings.

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