looking at lastest 12 + ratings

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As I've said before, I don't think Salem cares about WTTT being a no-show.
The conservative talkers are on 1150 for ideological, as opposed to ratings,
reasons. That said, I would wager that WTTT is well in the black and is
probably billing locally four to five times what WKOXKS bills. Salem doesn't
do anything that loses money for very long. They know their target
audiences; they know how to cater to them; they know the businesses that
want to reach these people, and they know how to sell time to those
businesses. I think a similar approach could work wonders for WKOXKS
billings, notwithstanding that WKOXKS's current nighttime signal problems
are worse than WTTT's. I find it truly amazing that America's largest radio
company either hasn't figured that out or doesn't seem to care enough to
try. If, as Scott has said, CCU is all about making money, CCU's lack of
effort with their Boston area progressive-talk signals just doesn't make
sense. One gets the impression that the person or persons responsible for
local sales at WXKS had decided days before s/he/they picked up the phone to
make his/her/their first sales call that the idea that the format could be
sold in this market was hopeless.

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> WTTT again a no show. Is it due to weak signal, or do we just not care
> Michael Medved, Mike Gallagher, et al?

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