WCRB to....Greater Media.

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> They'll have to spin 99.5. Gee, suppose it'll go Spanish?
> Expect 102.5 to become country.
> Details forthcoming.

Here is a link to Greater Media's announcement:


As a special public service to BRIGgers everywhere, I used my
Nevins Memorial Libray card number to access Clea Simon's 
story in the Boston Globe of May 27, 1999 about GM's  move into their
then new Morrissey Blvd. digs.  Two sentences stand out:
in one, following a description of the spaces allocated to 
WMJX, WKLB, WROR, WBOS and WSJZ(!), the paragraph
ends with these words..."In the spare studio at the hallway's
end-the only one without a radio station yet" then a description
of a DJ taping a show;
and elsewhere, a direct quote from Peter Smyth..."We are aggressively
looking to increase out presence in all markets".
I distinctly remembered these items when the story ran many years ago
(thus destroying the myth that booze kills off brain cells)
and so when WCRB at least (nothing yet about WFCC, WKPE, WCRI 
or WCNX) was put on the auction block, I strongly surmised that
Greater Media would be a top contender.  


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