WEEI gives Adams the slot (after 'stunt'?)

Shawn Mamros mamros@MIT.EDU
Thu Dec 15 13:01:07 EST 2005

>On Thu, December 15, 2005 11:04, John Francini said:
>> And I bet the carpenters and electricians will be called in to re-do
>> the studio design to prevent staff from being able to barricade
>> themselves inside and 'hijack' the microphone controls as was alleged.
>I'm sure that if this was a real "hijack", WHD-err WEEI management could
>order the board operator in the control room to pot the studio mic down
>and go to recorded programming or spots.
>Barring that, the Chief Engineer can shut the station down at master
>control (a.k.a.: the Rack Room) or switch to another studio & control room

Quite true.  The "host barricades himself inside the studio" stunt is
so old, it's probably getting Social Security checks by now.  That's
not to say the stunt can't be well done or entertaining; it sounds
like it was.  But don't kid yourself that it was for real.

And who said drama on radio was dead? :-)

-Shawn Mamros
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