"Open Source" Rerun Shifted on WUML

Laurence Glavin lglavin@lycos.com
Wed Dec 14 16:56:55 EST 2005

Reruns of Chris Lydon's "Open Source" show that airs live on WGBH-FM
M-Tu-W-Th nights at 7:00  now air on WUML-FM 91.5 in Lowell 
Tu-W-Th-F mornings at 6:05 am.  Previously, the tape-delayed version
of Chris's listener-challenged show ran at 9:00 am...apparently
the "Stephanie Miller" juggernaut was too much for WUML to
contend with, so they're putting it on at 6:00 am weekdays
when there's nothing else on.


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