WINS drops teletype bed

Stephanie Weil
Tue Dec 6 22:29:23 EST 2005

On Tue, December 6, 2005 21:55, Sid Whitaker said:
> did I miss something? Listening to WINS on the web and
> no teletype. Haven't heard them in a while...did they drop it?


I'm listening to 10-10 WINS right now and the teletype's in the back
clicking away.

Maybe the teletype jammed or ran out of paper? *wink wink*

In all seriousness, the machine making the effect could have jammed up.

Earlier this week, I know 10-10 WINS had some trouble with a UPS
controller that cut power to their studios and WINSers were broadcasting
from NewsRadio 88's studios.

Stephanie Weil
New York City, NY, USA

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