Standard def reruns aired on HD [was Re: Todd Gross let Go??]

Matthew Osborne
Mon Dec 5 22:10:51 EST 2005

On Mon, 05 Dec 2005 16:55:35 -0500 Larry Weil
<> wrote:

> At 04:49 PM 12/5/2005, John Francini wrote:
> >Okay, so someone, somewhere -- the syndicator --
> should re-telecine the
> >original films to 4:3 HD.
> Why?  Are they gonna make more money by doing this? 
> Are the stations 
> gonna be able to charge more for commercials if this
> is done?

Maybe not right now, as HDTV is only in its infancy,
but down the road I would think so.  As more and more
Americans start getting HDTVs, I can see a demand
developing for something like this, and someone in the
industry will eventually figure it out and make good
money from it.  But right now, the vast majority of
Americans still only have NTSC sets, and as long as
thats the case its not a feasible business decision

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                                   Schenectady, NY 

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