Standard def reruns aired on HD [was Re: Todd Gross let Go??]

Larry Weil
Mon Dec 5 15:26:49 EST 2005

>Part of the problem may be that what's being re-run is a standard-def
>videotape made some time in the past, or a standard-def telecine is being
>used.  (Do stations that air reruns of series shot on film have actual reels
>of film in their library, or do they have videotapes?)

They have neither.  The library is kept by the syndicator, and the 
individual shows fed by satellite a few days to a week prior to air, 
complete with the current barter spots (commercials).  Usually the 
contract with the station prohibits them from building up a library 
of the show.

Besides, who uses tape anymore?  Everything you see aired on 7 that's 
not live or network is aired directly from hard-drive servers, except 
in an emergency.  We still run tapes as backups, but they rarely make 
it to air.

Larry Weil
Lake Wobegone, NH 

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